Amber Fleury: Lead Vocals

Amber Fleury is a seasoned vocalist and performer who began her singing career at the tender age of 5 years.  Since that time, she has accomplished a great deal in the music industry including recording, appearing on national television shows, and performing all across Canada at various functions including corporate events, weddings and summer festivals.  She recorded her first album “Lila’s Child” at the age of 13.  Since then she has recorded a few more albums, her most recent being “Casey, Ashley and Amber” by “Braided” – the trio that was formed after 2005’s season of Canadian Idol, on which Amber peaked as a top 8 finalist.  In 2010, Amber joined forces with three elite Calgary musicians (Gene Strandquist, Alida Schedel and John Thiel) to form “The Amber Fleury Band”, a great mix of country, rock and classic rock.  They have the privilege of playing with two extremely seasoned and talented guitarists (David Bentley and John Thiel).  Since they began as a group, their popularity has grown immensely and they are excited for what’s yet to come!

Gene Strandquist: Bass Guitar/Vocals

Gene Strandquist is a multi-instrumentalist who has played bass and sang in numerous bands, as well as fronted bands as lead vocalist.  He played piano and sang lead in a Beatles tribute band and he’s played in both classical and jazz ensembles.  Gene is Amber’s songwriting partner apart from having his own CD entitled “Food To The Hungry”.  He currently has 50 students and teaches a minimum of 10 different instruments.  His favorites to teach are violin and cello due to his love for strings.  He has played with the likes of Kelly Jay of “Crowbar”, Amos Garret, and Ronnie King of the “Stampeders”.  He holds a Bachelor of Music in theory and composition.  Most recently, Gene’s abstract music compositions recorded primarily with string instruments has been used in a film called “The Hitchhiker”, which is going to be released in spring of 2015.  Gene hopes to expand his musical horizons by continuing to compose music that will be featured in film and television.

Alida Schedel: Drums/Vocals

Alida Schedel is a stellar drummer and vocalist. She is a full-time musician who has played with numerous bands over the years.  She also hosts numerous jams in her spare time. Her natural way with the crowd and bubbly personality make her a wonderful asset to the group. On her open weekends, she fronts her own band “Happy Ending” and does a lot of freelance work. She recently began teaching drums and thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students.  Her vast experience in the music industry makes her one of Calgary’s most “in demand” musicians.


David Bentley: Lead Guitar/Vocals

Dave Bentley started playing guitar at the tender age of 9 years.  He began playing professionally in bands in grade school, which lead to playing with bands in bars in Calgary before he was even of age.  He also studied classical guitar for 4 years and taught guitar in a Calgary music school for many years.  He is best known for playing with bands such as “Rock Quarry”, “Nick Danger” and “Chickweed”.  Dave began playing with “The Amber Fleury Band” towards the end of 2014 and has since become a permanent fixture in the group.  He is best known for his immaculate, detailed and challenging guitar solos.  He adds a solid rock n’ roll flare to the mix, which makes him a very valued member of the band.

John Thiel: Lead Guitar/Vocals

John Thiel is a Calgary-based guitarist who has been involved in the music industry for more than 30 years.  As well as extensive club and touring dates, he is also very active in the recording industry.  In addition to producing projects for artists and songwriters, John works with Six Degrees and Red Shift Studios for television, film, documentary and video game music production.  Alongside playing with “The Amber Fleury Band”, he is currently playing with the popular country band, “Tacoma”, has his own blues trio “The John Thiel Band” and plays in Alida Schedel’s three-piece band, “Happy Ending”.  He has worked with artists such as Tom Jackson, Lisa Brokop, Chris Cummings, Duane Steele, Michelle Wright and Amy Sky.


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