The Band


Amber Fleury, Gene Strandquist, Alida Schedel
Guitarists: David Bentley and John Thiel

Our first professional band shot courtesy of Purfocus Photography!  Check out our “Links” page for further info!

The Amber Fleury Band is one of Calgary’s elite musical acts.  They are polished, professional, versatile and they aim to please every audience they play for!  If you’re looking for a band that covers a little bit of every genre of music, then they’re perfect for your next event!  They keep the dance floors packed in every venue they play.  If you need a country band, they can do a full night of country.  If you want a classic rock band, they can do a full night of classic rock… or if you’re looking for that perfect mix, they’re down with that too.  Upon booking The Amber Fleury Band, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of the music itself, wonderful harmonies, fun songs and just an all-around great group of people to associate with!  Think of The Amber Fleury Band for your next event!  Check out our “Contact Us” page for further details.

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